Jane Tretwold Friday, 10/1/2010
              Herboth Remodeling was recomended to me by my neighbor Ray Moline. They gave me a bid to repair my bathroom and did the work nicely. They helped me with new floor options because Matthew informed me that my green carpet that I love and have through out my house, was not practical for a bathroom. Matthew found a green patterned vynal foor that resembled my carpet and it turned out beautifully. I recommand Herboth Remodeling to everone I meet.

Robert Zinda; Thursday, 12/02/2010

        I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and timely work that Matt performed.  He had to put up stubborn chandelier and rerouted a few lights.  A previous contractors bid was double and suggested a myriad of extensive work, which was overkill.  Thanks to Matt we saved money, time and headaches!