Plastic wall is Herboth Remodeling's standard practice to keep out unwanted dust & debris out of the rest of the customer's home.This wall is taped off where it is to be cut and turned into a pony wall. Electrical has to be relocated below tape line.Our new air quality system takes all the dust out of our work area.The closet pantry is going to be removed to allow new eight foot high cabinets to be installed as the new pantry.Time to start the deconstruction & get to work.
Washington Lic. # HERBORL901NL
Project in Construction
New kitchen plans
Pony wall cut and electrical rerouted.Pantry closet removed.Dust removal system cleans our work environment.
Original Kitchen
Cabinet Installation
This is a display cabinet next to the refrigerator. The glass doors were removed while kitchen is being worked on.The cabinets had to be raised an inch and a quarter so that the counter top would be flush with the existing garden window. The microwave and stove/oven cabinets.The new pantry cabinets with slide out drawers.New Island cabinets.